A Greater Sudbury Community Delegation And soon to be Canadians Newest Political Party

"We are all representatives of our communities, as such we will represent the True Voice and Power of Canadian citizens"  ...Warren Leroux


The Awesome Party of Canada

If there is one thing I will promise YOU ALL right now its this: “There will ALWAYS be a way for OUR VOICE to “unseat or remove” ANY Leader from power at any level of government should they fail to act in the best interest of the people OR our lawful VOICE determines it is so required.
..Warren Leroux

It starts with one voice, until there are many......

As of today, The Awesome Party of Canada will take root as a Community Delegation representing the citizens of Greater Sudbury, the people of Ontario and eventually all Canadian citizens. Along the way, we will become the newest political party in Canada. Why are we different? First, we are not politicians. We are everyday people from every walk of life, with every conceivable skill set imaginable. We are all representatives of our communities, as such we will represent the true voice and power of Canadian citizens. We will serve as a reminder to those in power now, or in the future that truly listening to the people is no longer a request. 
Hi, I’m Warren Leroux and I am the first leader of “The Awesome Party Of Canada”. As our community grows it will evolve and organize. With my unique collaborative approach WE CAN change everything
Through our efforts, our influence and the expert contributions of our community members we will promote the overall wellbeing, growth, and development of our community members, by ensuring their voices are heard and have meaningful impact in relevant discussions and decisions at all levels of government within Canada"