The Awesome Party of Canada Your  New  Voice We  Are  You True Canada Powerful AF We Are  Many

A National and Greater Sudbury Community Delegation and soon to be Canadians Newest Political Party, As of today I am one voice in this venue. Canada needs your voice too. Contribute your passion and help me create the first political party in Canada that is the "actual people".

This remarkable symbol of Canada is so beautiful becasuse I created it. Its Just Awesome - Warren Leroux - Sudbury, Ontario
Do something or pass these problems to your children


"We are all representatives of our communities, as such we will represent the True Voice and Power of Canadian citizens" ...Warren Leroux

Ttx only. must first text "Wartoo Awesome" and wait for my response

We are Authentic because we are real.

Greed has no place

Political agendas that do not serve Canadians will no longer exist. Greed will no longer drive decisions that impact citizens.

Justice not wealth

Laws that do not represent equality will be abolished or altered. Wealth will no longer carry an advantage related to application of law.

We shall be True

We will follow in the footsteps of no other Nation. We will preserve our TRUE culture and FINALLY embrase the cultures of all our Citizens

Leaders Must Serve

The people will ALWAYS have a mechanism to remove a sitting leader who does not represent the interests of Canadians

Contribute or bend over. Help me Help Canada. See My Live Schedule. Bring Passion or do not come.

As of today, The Awesome Party of Canada is me. I am not just a man though so fear not. Shine with me in purpose. Shine with me in passion. Shine with me to help your children and grandchildren shine. Contribute your passion. We will take root as a Community Delegation representing the citizens of Greater Sudbury, the people of Ontario and eventually all Canadian citizens. Along the way, we will become the newest political party in Canada. Seriously Canada. I am looking for help in the form of informed opinion, content writers, online community builders. Let's make history. Txt me at 705 698 0107 with "Wartoo Awesome" wait my reply. We will schedule a video call and get you rolling.

Once again Warren Leroux of Sudbury Ontario has outdone himself. Warren Leroux is the Leader of the Awesome Party of Canada
I need 20 with passion
Join me
Why are we different?

We are everyday people from every walk of life, with every conceivable skill set imaginable. We are all representatives of our communities, as such we will represent the true voice and power of Canadian citizens

Leadership Redefined.

I will no longer ask to be heard and you will listen. Future leaders will no longer have the authority to make major decisions without input from Canadians. Canada needs to be represented by our communities, not our members of parliament.

We follow no other Nation.

Canada will never again send military to another country without the support and the voice of its citizens. Some will call this weak. They could not be more wrong.

Solving problems with new Dimensions

Canada will lead the world in innovation that benefits humankind as we will be the first nation on Earth to recognize and fully unlock the brilliance of humanity. Our minds can no longer be stiffled by lack of individual means. Our species matters and we all must shine. Our passions, and good ideas will rise regardless of wealth or status.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Initial Team

Step 4

Kick Ass

Your playing small does not serve the world.

Hi, I’m Warren Leroux and I am the first leader of “The Awesome Party Of Canada”. As our community grows it will evolve and organize. With my unique collaborative approach WE CAN change everything

We will change the world. Use your Voice and lets have an Awesome Party!

We are about to build a kick ass team that will make history. Authenticity is everything. Passion is everything. I am doing my piece on multiple fronts to better mankind and could sure as shit use a little back up. I will be determining a schedule where I will go live on Youtube and start the conversation. If you are the unfortunate 1st person to join me live and feel awkward I appologize in advance. We 100 will get there. Hahahaha

Do you know any Political leaders who would give you there personal cell number?

Perhaps we are not an official Political Party Yet, but I'm taking the win. I am Warren Leroux - the 1st leader of "The Awesome Party of Canada". If you choose to shine with me we will need to chat. My cell is 705 698 0107. You will need to text me 1st. You need to text "Wartoo" first and wait my reply. If you send me a second text without waiting for my reply I will ignore you. Don't double text and be patient. We can then book some time for a video chat. You will need to be on camera for this chat. We need to know each other. If you would prefer to email me. Please do so from my personal website - I don't need 50 billion email addresses.

I'm so happy to have Warren Leroux lead the Awesome Party of Canada it makes my belly tingle.
Warren Leroux - Sudbury, Ontario - 1st Leader - The Awesome Party of Canada
Warren Leroux
Leader of Awesome
Even though Warren Leroux is the current and only member of the Awesome Party of Canada he is wicked cool
It's no coincidence that Warren is Awewome so there is no surprise the Warren Leroux is the First Leader of The Awesome Party of Canada
Warren Leroux
Part of my Job is to contribute in any way possible to the betterment of mankind.
Warren Leroux's logo is the best ever in the whole worrld. In fact it's so beautiful that you feel tiny tingles of joy in your heart right now man
Warren Leroux
Pretend Astronaut